Insurance is about VALUE

I hate shopping.  However, like death and taxes it is unavoidable.  The importance of due diligence when making a buying decision is critical to individuals who want to make sure hard earned dollars are maximized.  We have been conditioned through advertisements to look at insurance as a price commodity and all insurance is created equal.  […]

5 Rules Every Landlord Should Live By

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I’m pretty confident that if you asked anyone who has ever owned a rental property you would get an overwhelming response that it’s not as lucrative or easy as they thought it would be. In fact, owning a rental property can be a major pain, and end up costing you a ton of money! I […]

Will my credit rating change my insurance rates?

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I was recently asked this question by one of our Spartan Insurance Solutions clients, and thought I would share the answer here for our readers. There are a lot of things that go into homeowners and auto insurance rates, one of them being credit. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people who don’t like the […]